Cabbit Technology LLC

We provide high speed, high availability networking and server infrastructure to diverse clients around the world. Take advantage of our routing backbones, which provide speeds up to 100 Gbps, as well as our relationships with Tier-1 Internet Service Providers.

Please direct client inquiries to:

We also run a XRP Ledger validator as a service to that ecosystem. This validator serves as a public attestation of our commitment to reliable service, free from unexpected outages.

Our XRP Ledger validator has been active since 2016 and was the 7th/8th validator to be added to Ripple's trusted dUNL, along with the XRPL Labs validator. Our validator is trusted by all major UNL publishers, including the XRP Ledger Foundation, Ripple, and the broader community.

Cabbit.Tech Public XRPL Validation Key: nHUcNC5ni7XjVYfCMe38Rm3KQaq27jw7wJpcUYdo4miWwpNePRTw

Autonomous System Number (ASN): 398726